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Update History of This Database

DateUpdate contents
2017/03/07 PGDBj Ortholog DB (Release66 ver.) is rereased as Archive V2.
These data are updated.
  • Protein (Viridiplantae)
  • Cluster (Viridiplantae)
  • Taxon (Viridiplantae)
  • Protein (Cyanobacteria)
  • Cluster (Cyanobacteria)
  • Taxon (Cyanobacteria)
  • 2016/07/29 Database Description page is updated.
    • The URL of the Whole data download
    • The URL of The original website information
    2014/05/12 PGDBj Ortholog DB (Release57 ver.) English archive site is opened.
    (Archive V1)
    2012/08/01 PGDBj Ortholog DB (http://pgdbj.jp/ortholog-db.html) is opened.