Life Science Database Archive

About the Life Science Database Archive

The Life Science Database Archive maintains and stores the datasets generated by life scientists in Japan in a long-term and stable state as national public goods. The Archive makes it easier for many people to search datasets by metadata (description of datasets) in a unified format, and to access and download the datasets with clear terms of use.

For Users of This Site:

In the Archive, you can download in whole the databases deposited from various research institutions. For each database, metadata for the database and the data items are given in the common format for users' convenience. The Creative Commons License is adopted as the standard license to use the databases. The license terms are easy to understand both for depositors and users, which leads to troubleless use of databases. In addition, since a simple search system is implemented, you can downsize a download after search and look-over.

The Archive first aims to make its framework versatile while archiving databases of as wide a variety as possible. Moreover, the Archive plans to archive experimental data 'other than' DNA sequences, protein structures and expression data, for which archiving and data-banking are already established internationally.

Any databases to be generated by life science projects overseen by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology are mandated to be disclosed, and such databases are scheduled for publication in the Archive.

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