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Update History of This Database

DateUpdate contents
2022/10/04 "Features and manner of utilization of database" in "Database Description" is updated.
2022/02/01 Archive version V9 Released.
  • "Core" data are updated.
2021/11/09 Archive version V9 Released.
2019/05/15 "URL of the original website" in "Database Description" is updated.
2018/05/18 Archive version V8 Released.
2017/02/17 Archive version V7 Released.
2017/01/12 Archive version V6 Released.
2016/11/09 Archive version V5 Released.
2016/03/10 Archive version V4 Released.
2015/10/23 Archive version V3 Released.
2015/08/31 NBDC NikkajiRDF English archive site is opened.
2015/08/06 Archive version V2 Released.
2015/05/29 NBDC NikkajiRDF archive site is opened.
(Archive version V1)
2005/03/31 NikkajiWeb ( is opened.