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First of all, please read the license of this database.
Data names and data descriptions are about the downloadable data in this page. They might not correspond to the contents of the original database.

Click the links on "Data Name" for descriptions of the data.

#Data nameFileSimple search and download
1 README README_e.html -
2 HeliscopeCAGE sequencing, Delve mapping and CAGE TSS aggregation fantom5_new_experimental_details.zip (273 KB)
basic (1.3 TB)
Simple search and download
3 (reprocessed)HeliscopeCAGE sequencing, Delve mapping and CAGE TSS aggregation fantom5_rp_exp_details.zip (237 KB)
(reprocessed)basic (Homo sapiens) (1.4 TB)
(reprocessed)basic (Mus musculus) (889 GB)
Simple search and download
4 CAGE peaks CAGE_peaks (4.1 GB) -
5 (reprocessed)CAGE peaks (reprocessed)CAGE_peaks (Homo sapiens) (11 MB)
(reprocessed)CAGE_peaks (Mus musculus) (8.1 MB)
6 CAGE_peaks_annotation CAGE_peaks_annotation (195 MB) -
7 (reprocessed)CAGE_peaks_annotation (reprocessed)CAGE_peaks_annotation (Homo sapiens) (16 MB)
(reprocessed)CAGE_peaks_annotation (Mus musculus) (13 MB)
8 (reprocessed)CAGE_peaks_expression (reprocessed)CAGE_peaks_expression (Homo sapiens) (3.3 GB)
(reprocessed)CAGE_peaks_expression (Mus musculus) (1.9 GB)
9 (reprocessed)pooled_ctss (reprocessed)pooled_ctss (Homo sapiens) (6.5 GB)
(reprocessed)pooled_ctss (Mus musculus) (4.5 GB)
10 Pathway enrichment and co-expression cluster analysis Co-expression_clusters (86 MB) -
11 Enhancers Enhancers (160 MB) -
12 Results of de-novo and Motif activity analyses Motifs (6.2 GB) -
13 Sample ontology, GOstat and ontology term enrichment Ontology (1.8 MB) -
14 CAGE peaks identified as true TSS by TSS classifier TSS_classifier (32 MB) -

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