Life Science Database Archive

Update History of This Database

DateUpdate contents
2014/08/25 "Contact address", "Database maintenance site", "URL of the original website" and "Whole data download" are changed.
2012/07/23 - Data Updated
The data is updated to the latest version which is equivalent to the data version 6.1 of the original database.
Listed entries of tRNA genes are increased from 172,143 to 458,123.
The following list is the number of species used for the analysis.
  • Bacteria: 1578
  • Archaea: 47
  • Prokaryotic draft genome (WGS): 2993
  • Eukaryote (Plant and Fungus): 12
  • Virus: 151
  • Chloroplast: 121
  • Environmental sample (ENV) from GenBank: 134
  • Environmental sample (ENV) from Sequence Read Archive: 87
2011/08/25 "License" is updated.
2010/03/29 tRNADB-CE English archive site is opened.
2008/7/1 tRNADB-CE( is released.