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First of all, please read the license of this database.
Data names and data descriptions are about the downloadable data in this page. They might not correspond to the contents of the original database.

Click the links on "Data Name" for descriptions of the data.

#Data nameFileSimple search and download
1 README README_e.html -
2 MoleculeRole Ontology inoh_moleculerole_ontology.zip (673KB) Simple search and download
3 Linkage image file of MoleculeRole Ontology IMR.zip (17.9MB) -
4 Event Ontology inoh_event_ontology.zip (188KB) Simple search and download
5 Linkage image file of Event Ontology IEV.zip (15.6MB) -
6 Location Ontology inoh_location_ontology.zip (5.3KB) Simple search and download
7 Linkage image file of Location Ontology ILC.zip (119KB) -
8 Signal Transduction Pathway Data inoh_signal_transduction_pathway.zip (5.7KB) Simple search and download
9 Metabolic Pathway Data inoh_metabolic_pathway.zip (1KB) Simple search and download

Data files #2, #4 and #6 above are in CSV format. Each file originates from the following data files #10, #11 and #12.
Data files #8 and #9 above are in CSV format. Each file contains pathway names and links to files in data files #13 and #14 (ZIP format).


Original data download

The following data are from INOH original site. They are not converted in LSDB Archive.

#Data nameFormatFile
10 MoleculeRole Ontology OBO MoleculeRoleOntology_224.zip (645KB)
11 Event Ontology OBO EventOntology_172.zip (171KB)
12 Location Ontology OBO LocationOntology_102.zip (6KB)
13 Signal Transduction Pathway Data INOH SignalTransductionPathwayDiagrams_110322.zip (3.2MB)
BioPAX Level2 SignalTransductionPathwayBioPAX_l2_110322.zip (3.4MB)
BioPAX Level3 SignalTransductionPathwayBioPAX_l3_110322.zip (3.5MB)
14 Metabolic Pathway Data INOH MetabolicPathwayDiagrams_110322.zip (868KB)
BioPAX Level2 MetabolicPathwayBioPAX_l2_110322.zip (836KB)
BioPAX Level3 MetabolicPathwayBioPAX_l3_110322.zip (794KB)



INOH client download

This is an installer of a curation tool INOH client 3.5.3.
With INOH client, you can view and edit pathway data files in INOH format.
NOTE: The license of INOH client is different from the one for data files #1~#14. You must accept this license.

(Java VM included)
Windows Download (46.9MB) Download (19.1MB)
Mac OS X (10.4 or later) - Download (18.4MB)
Solaris Download (77.1MB) Download (25.6MB)
Linux Download (58.1MB) Download (25.6MB)

※To confirm Java VM is installed or not, click this site.


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