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First of all, please read the license of this database.
Data names and data descriptions are about the downloadable data in this page. They might not correspond to the contents of the original database.

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DBCLS exchanges original data to CSV files.

Note: You can not open those CSV files with MS Excel. Because, data or the number of characters in a cell exceeds the maximum size given in MS Excel.

#Data nameFileSimple search and download
1 README README_e.html -
2 Amino acid sequences of predicted proteins and their annotation for 95 organism species. (152MB) Simple search and download
3 Cluster based on sequence comparison of homologous proteins of 95 organism species (8.72MB) Simple search and download
4 Proteins in similarity relationship with the cluster -


Downloadable files in the original site

The following data are downloadable files in the original site.
* Note that it takes long time when you open huge text files with text editors.

#Data nameFileSimple search and download
5 Amino acid sequences used for clusterintg (Multi FASTA format) (161MB) -
6 Sequence ID and annotation information (7.28MB) -
7 Prefix list for each organism prefix_all95(1KB) -
8 Designation of organism group grp_def1 (1KB) -
9 Parameters for Organism Grouping pat_def1 (1KB) -
10 Clustering results (140MB) -
11 Table of Cluster and Organism Species Number (4.53MB) -


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