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Update History of This Database

DateUpdate contents
2013/06/19 3D data (Release 4.0) is updated.
2013/04/11 Changed the email address in the contact information.
2013/01/17 Added simple search URLs for the following data.
  • Table of 3D organ model IDs and organ names
  • Data describing the inclusion (part-of) relationships between two organs
  • Data describing the definition of composite organs
2011/09/15 3D data (Release 3.0) is updated.
2011/08/25 "License" is updated.
2010/08/16 3D data (Release 2.0) is updated.
2010/03/29 BodyParts3D English archive site is opened.
2009/02/09 3D data (Release 1.0) is updated.
2008/08/12 BodyPart3D ( is released.