Life Science Database Archive

DOI in Life Science Database Archive

What is DOI?

DOI (Digital Object Identifier) is the global identifier which is given to digital content. A DOI can be converted to an URL easily (see the next paragraph). This URL is redirected to the content’s original URL. Once a DOI is registered, it will be never changed. Even if the original URL of a content is changed, those who know its DOI can access the content without finding a dead link.


The example of correspondence between DOI and URL is the following.

DOI: 10.18908/lsdba.nbdc00001-000

DOI registration policy

We will register DOIs for databases and their component data.

Example (Database): "BodyParts3D"

Example (Component Data): "Table of 3D organ model IDs and organ names (IS-A Tree)"


We recommend to adopt DOI when you cite any database and component data in Life Science Database Archive in research articles etc.