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rice microarray
Welcome to the Rice Microarray Opening Site for Rice Microarray Project
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Outline of Microarray
Microarray is ...
Our Microarray System
Future Outlook
Research Group

System Application Guide
   System Utilization Flowchart
   Guide to Sending RNA Samples
   RNA Quality Control Guide
   Labelling Selection Guide
Microarray System Utilization Form
Trouble Shooting for Microarray Positive Clone( Download)

General Protocol of Microarray Center
Indirect Labling Protocol
RNA Preparation Protocol

Rice1265 Array (Full insert version) [ PCR check]
Rice1265 Array (3'UTR version) [ PCR check]
Rice8987 Array (f_array/Full insert version) [ PCR check] [GEL]
Rice8987 Array (g_array/Full insert version) [ArrayGaugeTM Template, cDNA Info.]
Rice8987 Array (3'UTR version) [ PCR check]

Rice8987Corresponding Table(f_g_primer) [ Excel]

Direct labeling and Indirect labeling
Cy3 and Cy5
total RNA and mRNA
Mirror vs Clear 

in 2001
in 2000

 Unification tool for Rice functional genomics (Closed)

 Rice full-length cDNA Database (KOME)
 Rice Expression Database (RED)
 Rice Genome Integrated Map Database (INE)
 Rice Mutant Panel Database (Tos17)
 Plant Cis-Element motif search Database

 Rice Genome Annotation Database (RiceGAAS)
 Proteome Database
 DNA Bank
 Rice Genome Resourse Center

NIAS RiceGenomeResearchProjects
National Center for Biotechnology Information
JATAFF (formerly known as STAFF)
Rice Genome research Program
Microarray Gene Expression Database Group

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