Array Patterns and Clones

For all microarray experiments on and after July 1, 2002, second version of our rice microarray (called gg_arrayh) is used. The gg_arrayh carries the same 8987 cDNAs (with the full inserts) that the Rice8987 Array carries. However the location of each cDNA clone on gg_arrayh is different from that on the Rice8987 Array. To analyze image pictures obtained by microarray experiments using gg_arrayh, you can download files (cDNA information on the array and templates for quantification) for software gArray Gaugeh (Fuji film Co.)

Each cDNA clone has two spotting points on a glass slide. By clicking a gspotting fieldh on the figure of gg_arrayh, the name table of clones (Accession No.) on the gspotting fieldh will appear. Blanks in the table (no name) mean that the clones with blank are not registered in DDBJ yet. When a clone number is clicked in a clone name table, the DNA sequence and the results of BLAST Search for the clone are shown.