How to install the ZOOMA viewer

"Tutorial for blowsing Mouse Basement Membrane Bodymap" is here.  (English) (Japanese)

  How to use the ZOOMA viewer

I. Display ZOOMA images (virtual slides)

ZOOMA images can be displayed by clicking any thumbnail images or protein names/slice numbers above the thumbnails on the database windows.

  1. When you click on a thumbnail, the ZOOMA image appears in a new window.
  2. When you click on a protein name or a slice number above the thumbnail, the ZOOMA image appears in the same window.

II. Change the display

You can choose either a split-screen display showing both immunostained and hematoxylin/eosin-stained images or full-screen display showing only the immunostained images. This function allows you to observe the localization of the protein of interest in a full-screen window.

Click the “viewChange" button to switch between split-screen and full-screen images.

III. How to zoom

There are two ways to zoom a digital slide.

  1. Scroll up and down the slide bar on the right side to zoom in and out.
  2. Put the mouse pointer on the screen and roll the mouse wheel forward or reverse to zoom in and out.

IV. Moving a digital slide

  1. Put the mouse pointer on the digital slide you would like to move and click the left mouse button.
  2. Hold down the right mouse button and drag the mouse to position the digital slide where you want.


To center a desired position,

  1. put the mouse pointer on that position and
  2. double click the right mouse button.

This quick centering function might be convenient for you when you want to enlarge the position of interest.

V. Display a navigator window

To see your current position, click the “navigator Ebutton to display the “ZoomaViewerNavigator Ewindow. The current position is shown as a green rectangle in the “ZoomaViewerNavigator E window.

The green rectangle that appears in the navigator window shows where you are now.

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