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The database that aggregates information on human stem cell samples owned by each research institution.

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  1. Database Component
  2. Data Description
  3. License
  4. Update History
  5. Literature
  6. Contact address

1. Database Component

  2. Stemcell Information
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2. Data Description


Data name README
Description of data contents HTML file to describe "SKIP Stemcell Database" data.
File README_e.html (English)
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2.2 Stemcell Information

Data name Stemcell Information
Description of data contents Stemcell information from RIKEN BRC, NIBIO, Coriell, ATCC and many laboratories
File (190 KB)

Data items are the following:
Data itemDescription
Organism(En) Organism of this cell (English)
Organism(Ja) Organism of this cell (Japanese)
Cell Type(En) Cell Type (English)
Cell Type(Ja) Cell Type (Japanese)
Cell Tissue(En) Cell Tissue (English)
Cell Tissue(Ja) Cell Tissue (Japanese)
Cell Origin Status of cell origin
Cell Name 1(En) Cell Name 1 (English)
Cell Name 1(Ja) Cell Name 1 (Japanese)
Cell Name 2(En) Cell Name 2 (English)
Cell Name 2(Ja) Cell Name 2 (Japanese)
Disease Name 1(Ja) Disease Name 1 (Japanese)
ICD Code 1 ICD Code 1
Disease Name 1(En) Disease Name 1 (English)
Disease Name 2(Ja) Disease Name 2 (Japanese)
ICD Code 2 ICD Code 2
Disease Name 2(En) Disease Name 2 (English)
Disease Name 3(Ja) Disease Name 3 (Japanese)
ICD Code 3 ICD Code 3
Disease Name 3(En) Disease Name 3 (English)
Age Age of donor
Age Range Age range of donor
Sex Sex of donor
Race(En) Race of donor (English)
Race(Ja) Race of donor (Japanese)
Genetic Diagnosis Genetic Diagnosis or none
Not Detected Not Detected or detected in genetic diagnosis
Description(En) Description of this cell (English)
Description(Ja) Description of this cell (Japanese)
Cell Morphology Cell Morphology
Grade Cell provided by (research or clinic)
Vector Vector to cultivate this cell
Transgene Transgene to this cell
Adhesiveness Cell adhesiveness
Feeder Feeder cell is used or not
Feeder Cell Feeder cell name
Medium Medium to cultivate this cell
Genome Editing Genome Editing method in the cultivation
CO2 CO2 concentration in the cultivation
Mycoplasma Detection of Contaminants Mycoplasma or none
Detection of Contaminants Mycoplasma Method of Detection of Contaminants Mycoplasma
Pluripotent Markers Pluripotent Markers Assay or none
Pluripotent Markers Assay Method of Pluripotent Markers Assay
in vitro Differentiation in vitro Differentiation Assay or none
in vitro Differentiation Assay Method of in vitro Differentiation Assay
in vivo Differentiation in vivo Differentiation Assay or none
in vivo Differentiation Assay Method of in vivo Differentiation Assay
Other 1 Assay Other 1 Assay or none
Other 1 Assay Method Method of Other 1 Assay
Other 2 Assay Other 2 Assay or none
Other 2 Assay Method Method of Other 2 Assay
Other 3 Assay Other 3 Assay or none
Other 3 Assay Method Method of Other 3 Assay
Karyotype Karyotype Assay or none
Karyotype Assay Method of Karyotype Assay
Remaining Vector Detection Remaining Vector Detection Assay or none
Remaining Vector Detection Assay Method of Remaining Vector Detection Assay
STR STR analysis or none
HLA HLA typing or none
Stem Cell Transcriptome analysis Stem Cell Transcriptome analysis or none
Stem Cell Transcriptome analysis Assay Stem Cell Transcriptome analysis Assay or none
Author Name(En) Author Name (English)
Author Name(Ja) Author Name (Japanese)
Author Organization(En) Author Organization (English)
Author Organization(Ja) Author Organization (Japanese)
Author Contact Email Author Contact Email
PI Organization(En) Principal Investigator (PI) Organization (English)
PI Organization(Ja) PI Organization (Japanese)
PI Name(En) PI Name (English)
PI Name(Ja) PI Name (Japanese)
PI Contact Email PI Contact Email
Availability Stemcell Availability
Provider Organization(En) Provider Organization (English)
Provider Organization(Ja) Provider Organization (Japanese)
Provider Email Provider Email
Provider URL Provider URL
Ethical Statement(En) Ethical Statement (English)
Ethical Statement(Ja) Ethical Statement (Japanese)
Terms of Use(En) Terms of Use (English)
Terms of Use(Ja) Terms of Use (Japanese)
PubMed ID PubMed ID of article (reference)
DOI DOI (Digital Object Identifier) of article
Title Article Title
Authors Article Authors
Journal Journal which contains the article
Year Publishing Year of the journal
Volume Volume of the journal
Issue Issue of the journal
Pages Pages in the journal
URL Article URL
Free input Others about the article
Note Comment
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3. License

Last updated : 2017/03/13

You may use this database in compliance with the terms and conditions of the license described below. The license specifies the license terms regarding the use of this database and the requirements you must follow in using this database.


Creative Commons License

The license for this database is specified in the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International.
If you use data from this database, please be sure attribute this database as follows: "SKIP Stemcell Database © Kenjiro KOSAKI (Center for Medical Genetics, School of medicine, Keio University) licensed under CC Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International".

The summary of the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International is found here.

With regard to this database, you are licensed to:

  1. freely access part or whole of this database, and acquire data;
  2. freely redistribute part or whole of the data from this database; and
  3. freely create and distribute database and other adapted materials based on part or whole of the data from this database,

under the license, as long as you comply with the following conditions:

  1. You must attribute this database in the manner specified by the author or licensor when distributing part or whole of this database or any adapted material.
  2. You must distribute any adapted material based on part or whole of the data from this database under CC Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 (or later), or CC Attribution-Share Alike Compatible License (the list is here).
  3. You need to contact the Licensor shown below to request a license for use of this database or any part thereof not licensed under the license.

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4. Update History

DateUpdate contents
2017/03/13 SKIP Stemcell Database English archive site is opened.
2013/03/29 SKIP Stemcell Database ( is opened.
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5. Literature

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6. Contact address

When you have any question about "SKIP Stemcell Database", contact the following:

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