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ChemTHEATRE is the database that stores monitoring data on all chemical substances.

README Content

  1. Database Component
  2. Data Description
  3. License
  4. Update History
  5. Literature
  6. Contact address

1. Database Component

  2. Project information
  3. Sample information
  4. Chemical Information
  5. Measured data
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2. Data Description


Data name README
Description of data contents HTML file to describe "ChemTHEATRE" data.
File README_e.html (English)
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2.2 Project information

Data name Project information
Description of data contents

Information of researches and researchers to conduct the monitoring

File (47 KB)

Data items are the following:
Data itemDescription
Project ID Project ID
Link Links to "Sample" and "Measured Data" obtained in this project (Only simple search)
Submitter Name Submitter name
Submitter Affiliation Submitter affiliation
Submitter Department Submitter department
Submetter City Submetter city
Submetter Country Submetter country
Corresponding Author Name Corresponding author name
Corresponding Author Affiliation Corresponding author affiliation
Corresponding Author Department Corresponding author department
Corresponding Author City Corresponding author city
Corresponding Author Country Corresponding author country
Release Date Data release date
Title Article title
Publication Article ID (DOI)
Grant Grant to this project
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2.3 Sample information

Data name Sample information
Description of data contents

Information of samples obtained in environment

File (206 KB)

Data items are the following:
Data itemDescription
Sample ID Sample ID
Link Links to "Measured Data" obtained in this sample (Only simple search)
Project ID ID of sampling project
Sample Type 1 Sample type
Sample Type 2 Sample type
Sample Type 3 Sample type
Sample Type 4 Sample type
Sample Type 5 Sample type
Taxonomy ID Taxonomy ID for biotic sample
es-BANK ID ID of Environmental Specimen Bank (es-BANK)
Sample Name Sample name
Scientific Name Scientific name
Common Name Common name
Sampling Time Sampling time
Weather Weather at sampling
Region Region
Country Country
Area Area
Latitude From Latitude from
Latitude To Latitude to
Longitude From Longitude from
Longitude To Longitude to
Sex Sex for biotic sample
Tissue Organ Organ for biotic sample
Tissue Lipid Lipid weight for biotic sample
Tissue Moist Moist weight for biotic sample
Weight Weight
Weight Unit Weight unit
Length Length
Length Unit Length unit
Length Type Length type
Growth Stage Growth stage for biotic sample
Age Age for biotic sample
Disease Disease for biotic sample
Temperature Temperature
Water Temperature Water temperature
pH pH for water sample
DO Dissolved oxygen for water sample
EC Electrical conductivity for water sample
Salinity Salinity for water sample
SS Suspended solids for water sample
Water Depth Water depth
Transparency Transparency for water sample
Water Color Color for water sample
Sediment Temperature Temperature for sediment sample
Sediment Depth Water depth for sediment sample
Sediment Appearance Appearance for sediment sample
Sediment Color Color for sediment sample
Sediment Surface Color Surface color for sediment sample
Sediment Odor Odor for sediment sample
Sediment Impurities Impurities for sediment sample
Sediment Moisture Onsite Analysis Moisture weight for sediment sample
Ignition Loss Onsite Analysis Ignition loss for sediment sample
Soil Depth Depth for soil sample
Flow Rate Flow rate for air sample
Mean PM10 Mean amount of PM10 for air sample
Mean Total Suspended Particles Mean total suspended particles for air sample
Humidity Humidity for air sample
Wind Direction Wind direction for air sample
Wind Speed MS Wind speed (m/sec) for air sample
Amount of Collected Air Amount of collected Air
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2.4 Chemical Information

Data name Chemical Information
Description of data contents

Information of chemical contained in samples

File (28 KB)

Data items are the following:
Data itemDescription
Chemical ID Chemical ID
Chemical Name Chemical Name
Synonyms Synonyms
PubChem PubChem ID
CAS CAS Number
Link Links to "Measured Data" that contains this chemical (Only simple search)
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2.5 Measured data

Data name Measured data
Description of data contents

Measured data of chemical on samples

File (746 KB)

Data items are the following:
Data itemDescription
Measured ID Measured ID
Project ID ID of measuring project
Sample ID ID of measured sample
Instrument Group Instrument group
Instrument Instrument name
Method Extraction Extraction method
Method Cleanup Cleanup method
Derivatization Derivatization method
Recovery Correction Recovery correction method
LOD Limit Of Detection of instrument
Repeatability Repeatability
Standard Standard instrument for analysis
Chemical ID ID of detected chemical
Measured Value Measured value
Alternative Value Alternative Value
Unit Measure unit
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3. License

Last updated : 2019/01/29

You may use this database in compliance with the terms and conditions of the license described below. The license specifies the license terms regarding the use of this database and the requirements you must follow in using this database.

Creative Commons License

The license for this database is specified in the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International.
If you use data from this database, please be sure attribute this database as follows: " © ChemTHEATRE licensed under CC Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International".

The summary of the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International is found here.

With regard to this database, you are licensed to:

  1. freely access part or whole of this database, and acquire data;
  2. freely redistribute part or whole of the data from this database; and
  3. freely create and distribute database and other adapted materials based on part or whole of the data from this database,

under the license, as long as you comply with the following conditions:

  1. You must attribute this database in the manner specified by the author or licensor when distributing part or whole of this database or any adapted material.
  2. You must distribute any adapted material based on part or whole of the data from this database under CC Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 (or later), or CC Attribution-Share Alike Compatible License (the list is here).
  3. You need to contact the Licensor shown below to request a license for use of this database or any part thereof not licensed under the license.

About Providing Links to This Database

You can freely provide links to all contents in this database. But, contents might be changed without notice.


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4. Update History

DateUpdate contents
2020/08/25 Archive V2 is released.
2019/01/29 ChemTHEATRE English archive site is opened.
2016/05/31 ChemTHEATRE ( is opened.
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5. Literature

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6. Contact address

When you have any question about "ChemTHEATRE", contact the following:

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