BodyParts3D Release Note (Release 4.0, 2013/5/16)

What is new in 4.0


  • Skeletal system has altered to accommodate big internal organs in the torso.
  • Many of the existing parts have been shifted accordingly.

Concept Representation

  • Conventional tree is no longer avilable.
  • COMPOUND data based on FMA (Foundational Model of Anatomy by University of Washington School of Medicine) is_a and part_of tree are continuously available.

Additional Concepts

  • Segmented Lung and liver with vessels were added. They may include some confusion in concept mapping yet.
  • Brain artery is added.
  • Arteries and veins for systemic circulation was added.
  • Internal Eye ball structure and appendages were added.
  • Pharynx and Larynx parts were added.

File Names

  • Up to 3.0 each polygon file has file name representing its concept.
  • To avoid confusion of Concept, file name, and their relation, file name was changed to unique ID ex.FJxxxx.
  • The relationship with polygon file and its represented concept was given as a table.

Attentions in use

The data may still contain many ERRORS to be used as CANONICAL MODEL with all the COMMON FEATURE of human body.


V2.0FMA conceptsELEMENTAL representationCOMPOUND representation
is-a tree80457843643
part-of tree35597408326
in both tree300684060
all unique FMA80457845969
V3.0FMA conceptsELEMENTAL representationCOMPOUND representation
is-a tree80457912700
part-of tree35597436353
in both tree300684330
all unique FMA804579151053
V4.0FMA conceptsELEMENTAL representationCOMPOUND representation
is-a tree8045716511254
part-of tree35597765603
in both tree300687643
all unique FMA8045716521854

Coordinate system of BodyParts3D

Release history

  • Release 4.0: 2013/5/16
  • Release 3.0: 2011/6/20
  • Release 2.0: 2010/4/28
  • Release 1.0: 2009/2/9


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